RIMS gives great importance to dates and days recorded in history, to inventions and discoveries that have altered the course of human lives, to initiatives that are promoted by the CBSE and the government and events that are instrumental in shaping young minds. The objective is to give students the necessary exposure, to foster their inherent potential, create awareness and sensitize them to the needs of the society and the world at large.

RIMS boasts of six clubs which are headed by the club sponsors from the respective departments. Students are divided into clubs of their choice. A Club Secretary and Joint Secretary are elected from the senior grades and each club is inaugurated with much fanfare. The clubs function throughout the year by hosting events that are allotted to them by the Events Head from the activity planner.

The School Election followed by the subsequent constitution of the Student Council is the first phase of the most important event that marks the beginning of the new Academic session. Students are introduced to the procedures that govern a democracy. The election procedures of nomination, campaigning, exercising franchise through ballot papers and ballot boxes are all done with the intention of giving students hands-on experience. The Investiture Ceremony bears witness to future leaders of the nation being vested with powers. The Student Council assumes charge following the ceremony till the close of the academic year.

Cultural fest has a significant place in the academic calendar of RIMS. It plays a predominant role in a student’s life. It is not just about fun and entertainment, but it also augments a student’s learning experience. It helps them understand different cultures and explore their sensitivities and finer nuances.

Exhibitions at RIMS are teaching strategies designed to achieve specific educational outcomes. A great platform is provided to showcase the hidden talents of our students and also to boost their skills in effective communication and thus their confidence.

RIMPAMA is a tradition at RIMS – A day devoted to grandparents. The school witnesses the special bonding of two generations through a lot of fun filled activities and games. Various competitions are held, and prizes are distributed. The enthusiasm exhibited by the Rimian grandparents justifies the maxim “Age is just a number”.

There is no finer platform than the Annual Day to celebrate the student’s skills, talents, achievements and accomplishments. Parents and mentors come together to take pride and share the joy as their prodigies are felicitated, honoured and appreciated. Students also get the opportunity to showcase their talents and skills in an informal environment.

The Food Fete’ organized at RIMS every year in connection with Children’s Day is a great learning experience in itself. Right from managing the stalls, keeping accounts, extending hospitality, promoting sales and to finally cleaning up and disposing waste are all executed by the students with great precision and enthusiasm. But what actually makes it a fulfilling experience is the pride with which each class hands over their collection to be set aside for a greater good.

The Outreach Club which functions under the Value Education Department encourages students to give selflessly. The main objective behind this initiative is to inculcate empathy in students and help them understand the need to reach out and touch lives, even if only in a small way.

This is one initiative of the government which is taken up with great dedication. It is not restricted to just Hindi Saptah and Gandhi Jayanthi. Students understand the value of self-help and a clean environment. They also learn to appreciate all those who make their lives better through their selfless service.

RIMS promotes students to take active part in all the activities hosted by the Sahodaya School Complex, which is an initiative launched for preparing the children of CBSE schools for academic excellence and greater social commitment.

Students participate in most of the onstage and off-stage items and have won lots of accolades for the school. But more than the winning, it is the exposure and the experience they garner from competing with the best talents in the district that is sought and valued.

The RIMS team heading out in their jerseys is a sight to behold. Students participate in athletics and track events and also in team events. Such exposure has brought about very noticeable and prominent desirable changes in the students.