Periodic assessments and valuation are essential tools to bring out effective changes in the teaching learning process. It is done to ensure that students are receiving to the fullest and making consistent progress. As part of a self-appraisal technique teachers conduct frequent surprise tests, slip tests and the likes other than the scheduled assessments.

Competitive exams assess aptitude and knowledge. The exams conducted by the Sahodaya every year help students identify their areas of strength. RIMS encourages students to participate in such exams as they get an opportunity to compete with students outside of RIMS and also broaden their horizon.

The Student Wellness Department aims to optimize learning in the allotted time frame. This is achieved with the help of professionals whose intervention promotes setting attainable academic, emotional and social goals.

Counselling is a process that provides the necessary guidance to the students. In this process the grade mentors identify the students who maybe in need of direction and the in- house counsellor works hand in hand with the teachers and parents to bring about positive results. It is a thorough procedure and the recommendations of the experts are carried through and monitored.

Embracing uniqueness is the first step to nurturing and nourishing. A single approach cannot be adopted, or a single tactic applied when dealing with young individuals who are distinct in their uniqueness. Carefully thought out and planned measures are employed to guide students to perform better in the regular stream.

Teachers as community builders foster cognitive and non-cognitive skills in students. The role they play in shaping the future of the nation is beyond compare. Periodic honing of a teacher’s skills is a necessity that cannot be overlooked. Rimian teachers get ample training from experts in the CBSE curriculum and also from professionals in the field.

Students of today are being prepared for an unfathomable future. The changing times demand young men and women who are self-aware. Being aware of the self gives room for improvement. Students are given frequent sessions on various different aspects by In-house experts and also by qualified personals in the field.

Youngsters who receive direction early on in life weigh the pros and cons before making life decisions. RIMS promotes such sessions right from grade 8 as it is the right age to make a self-analyses of strength and weakness. These sessions aids students identify their interests and aspirations and thus go on to make the right choices.