In an era when computer has become an integral part of human existence students have to be prepared to keep pace with the rapidly changing scenario. Our wi-fi campus and IT labs are designed to give students the required exposure right from the primary level.

Scientific skill and knowledge are pivotal for better career prospects and future success. Well-equipped state of the art labs for Biology, Physics and Chemistry give our students the best possible hands on learning experience.

We believe that children should be provided with wings to fly, at the same time they should be firmly rooted. In a world of technological revolution young learners need to be shown the best of both the worlds. Nothing like books to take them on a journey of awe and wonder. Our library is stacked to provide them with wholesome reading experience.

The classrooms all set with interactive white boards, overhead projectors and a highly evolved module in collaboration with Etuwa- have been playing vital roles in providing unique learning experience of global standards.