Academic Facilities

School Transport
Students can avail themselves of the School Bus subject to the availability of seats. The routes of the school buses are drawn up and the parents should consult the person in charge of school transport for details.

Health Care And Medical Support
A teacher trained as health worker will be in-charge of this programme. Periodical medical checkup of students shall be done by qualified doctors. A cumulative health record is maintained. Parents are informed, if the doctor finds that a child needs special medical attention. The health profile of the students has to be completed up by the parents in the prescribed format.

The Mentor - Concept
We practice the maxim ’Teacher as a second mother and school as a second home’. Each teacher is allocated a group of 8 to 10 students. She / he will act as the need analyst, mentor, guardian and guide of the student. His or her prime duties are to propel, aid each student in their studies and bring about the overall development of the student. The mentor provides enrichment programmes for the gifted, support for the promising and remedial teaching for the struggling. The mentor guides the student to learn at an advanced level and to gain a broad, realistic view of a career in a professional setting. She/he establishes an advising and supportive relationship with the students to enable them to develop their potential career goals.

Defeciency Analysis
Deficiency analysis is conducted every month to spot the areas in which a student will require special assistance. Once the deficiencies are identified, special tutorials are arranged to facilitate the clearance of the same. Students taking tutorials will be exempted from activities for a week or two depending on their improvements.

Study Tours And Field Trips
Educational tours, fields trips and excursions are conducted to supplement the students’ studies by providing them concrete and realistic experiences. This develops the qualities of responsibility, leadership individual and team building skills among the student.

An activity period of forty minutes at the end of each work day provides students with both physical and mental stimulation and vitality.

Summer Course
To provide continuum for the student and encourage them to use the summer holidays profitably, summer courses are organised focusing on soft skills. Special courses in swimming, roller skating, basket ball etc. are also available.

News Letter
The school publishes news letters bi- annually. All the important activities in the school seek expression in it to showcase our growth and learning progress.

Class Magazine
Each grade, from I & above, produces a handwritten class magazine in which articles in various languages, drawings, cartoons, paintings etc. of the students are published under the guidance of the class teacher. A selection from these are included in the school magazine. The class magazines of every year is kept in the library as a record of work done.

Parental Effectiveness Training
Today education is a tri-polar process. To fulfill the aim of education as a harmonious, natural and progressive development of the pupils, not only the teacher, but the parents also must have an insight in to the working of the child’s mind and body. So we are always keen on providing training programmes for the parents for the betterment of our student community.

Teacher Empowerment Programmes
A Teacher is indeed wise who does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.’ In an era of information explosion and knowledge explosion, teachers cannot any longer aspire to be omniscient gurus. Now a teacher is a co-learner, co-explorer, who helps the child to locate information and construct new knowledge based on his/her prior knowledge. Extensive teacher empowerment programmes are being provided by The RIMS to enable each teacher to enhance his/her teaching potential and develop innovative teaching methodologies to cope up with new challenges within education.

House System
There are four Houses in the school, Sapphire (Blue), Topaz (Yellow), Emerald (Green), Ruby (Red). Every student on admission is placed in one of these four Houses. Each House is headed by one Captain and Vice Captain. The competitions in sports, games, debates, quiz and art are organized house-wise. A number of inter-house competitions are organized by the various club during the year. Every outstanding student is given a certificate and prize. The house gaining the highest number of points will be awarded running trophies at the end of the year. The daily maintenance of discipline and cleanliness of the school lies in the hands of the House on Duty.

Home Study
Home work and study is an integral and essential aspect of the curriculum and of student's life in general as it enhances the attainment and progress of the students. Students will be required to do home work / study every evening and complete occasional projects in the holidays. We hand pick exceptional teachers and take them through intensive training that gives them the skill and confidence to go beyond "telling". Our 'student appreciation system' allows teachers to understand and assess each child's strengths, interpreting children's portfolios through periodic observations and concept specifies rubrics instead of relying on traditional exams alone .

Pastoral Care
Every parent yearns to be free from worries about their children once they are sent to the school At Rims each students is cared. All teachers care not only about their subject area, but also how each student is coping. Here pastoral care encompasses all issues related to health, social and moral education , behavior management and emotional support. Children are encouraged to communicate their needs openly .

Arabic & Islamic Studies (Only For Muslim Students)
Muslim students are given special coaching in Arabic & Islamic Studies so that they have Clear knowledge of the basics of Islam

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