School Clubs and Sponsors

Literary Club

Sponsors : Ms. Suparna
Ms. Zeniya
Ms. Madhubala
Sponsors : Ms. Priya
Ms. Salma
Ms. Preethi
Sponsors : Ms. Prigina
Ms. Sneha
Ms. Deepa
Sponsors : Ms. Saakhira
Ms. Afeefa
Ms. Nishana
Maths Club
Sponsor : Ms. Sufeera K.T.
Ms. Sayana T.P.
Ms. Neetha Dinesh
Science Club
Sponsor : Ms. Anu Manod a
Social Science
Sponsor : Ms. Anu Manod
Ms. Shanila
Eco Club
Sponsor : Ms. Shijina K.
Ms. Sneha K
Fathima Rizwana
Health and Safety Club
Sponsor : Ms. Shamna K.
Ms. Reshna
Ms Supriya
Ms Vasanthi
IT Club
Sponsor : Ms. Sindhu
Ms. Anjana
Arts Club
Sponsor : Mr. Kishore Kumar V.M.
Ms. Nishi
Heritage Club
Sponsor : Ms. Siji S.S
Heritage Club
Sponsor : Ms. Julee K

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News & Events

  • Thu
    17 Aug 2017

    Periodic Assessment - I

    Periodic Assessment One commenced today.

  • Wed
    16 Aug 2017

    Sessions for Parents!

    'Better Parenting' by Dr. Ummer Farooque. 'Health 'n' Hygiene by Dr Sabna P.P.

  • Tue
    15 Aug 2017


    On the 15th day of August 1947, at the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world slept, India awoke to life and freedom... RIMS wishes everyone a very Happy Independence Day. Lets celebrate the joy and happiness of free India.