School Clubs and Sponsors

Literary Club

Sponsors : Ms. Suparna Udayakumar
Ms. Sudha
Mr. Prashanth
Ms. Shajna Venugopal
Sponsors : Ms. Priya
Ms. Vijina
Ms. Gajina
Sponsors : Ms. Rathi O
Ms. Prigina K T
Ms. Smitha
Ms. Rekha V V
Sponsors : Ms. Najiya
Mr. Munavir
Maths Club
Sponsor : Ms. Amrutha Sashi
Ms. Haseena
Ms. Sreena Navath
Science Club
Sponsor : Ms. Sini
Ms. Shrija
Ms. Mumtaz
Social Science
Sponsor : Ms. Julee K
Ms. Divya C
Ms. Meghana
Ms. Indu
Eco Club
Sponsor : Ms. Shijina K.
Ms. Radhika Giridhar
Ms. Vrinda
Health and Safety Club
Sponsor : Ms. Shamna K.
Ms. Divya M
Ms. Radeeah
IT Club
Sponsor : Ms. Neetha T K
Ms. Sinlamole
Arts Club
Sponsor : Mr. Kishore Kumar V.M.
Ms. Meela Bhayi
Heritage Club
Sponsor : Ms. Siji S.S
Ms. Shajna P
Intergrity Club
Sponsor : Ms. Sheena Sreejith
Ms. Jishamol
Sports Club
Sponsor : Mr. Midhum Joseph
Ms. Vasanthi K G

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News & Events

  • Fri
    12 Jan 2018

    Collectors @ School

    The plastic waste recycle/refund program at schools has been launched in RIMS International School. The program intends to create a recycle culture at school and get rid of uncollected plastic waste from home. Let's join hands to save mother nature!

  • Mon
    1 Jan 2018

    Admission Open!

    Admission open to all batches from Montessori to 8th grade. Please contact 8606119800, 8113856622 for more details.